The best tile flooring options

It wasn't so long ago that we saw tile floors mainly in the kitchen and bathroom, but now they are truly versatile enough for any room, including living/dining areas and even the bedroom. Tile comes in all colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, and they can be used on walls, backsplashes, and tub/shower surrounds, but keep in mind that they all have different strength levels and grades. Check the boxes carefully and have a detailed explanation of exactly how to plan to use it with your tile flooring retailer.

Wood-look tiles: a great alternative to hardwood

Wood floors are currently trending, and wood-look tile is amazingly realistic, sophisticated, durable, and waterproof. It is ideal for the bathroom or any other wet space. Although these floors can be created from either porcelain or ceramic, keep in mind that porcelain is heavier, denser, and great for heavy traffic in busy rooms, such as the kitchen or bath. Inkjet technology, a technological advance with four simultaneously-flowing ink jets, allows for intricate patterns, including the wood's raised grain look.

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Stone & glass

These two are mentioned together because one of the nicest looks for your home is a high-end spa bath atmosphere with glass pieces on the wall and marble tiles on the floor. Glass is like a sparkly jewel; it adds elegance and sophistication, and many use them as accents to highlight. Other popular stones are granite, terrazzo, slate, and limestone.

Porcelain vs. ceramic

Porcelain is a type of ceramic with a composition of clay, sand, and glass. It is also fired at higher temperatures, and that's what makes it so tough. It's weather-proof so that you can use it on patios, decks, and pools. Large-format porcelain is available in an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns. Ceramic tiles can be 4 X 4 squares, mosaics, or terra cotta bricks. Subway tiles are still used mainly on backsplashes, but they can be on floors, as long as they're indoor low traffic ones.

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