Carpet: texture & style

If you're thinking about carpet flooring in your home, it's important to understand texture and style because that comes whether the fibers are cut, looped, or twisted. Whether you want something plush and velvety to step on first thing in the morning or something that can withstand kids and pets, there is an appropriate carpet type for every area and budget. It will be overwhelming enough to see all the styles and colors when you walk into a carpet showroom, so arm yourself with a little basic knowledge first.

What is texture?

A rug is constructed by first looping yarn through a backing material. The loops of yarn can be of varying height, and that's referred to as the rug's pile, which can be long and loose or short and tightly woven. That determines the carpet's look and feel overall, and you can see how these terms are all related. Some even refer to style as "construction." They include:

  • Loop. An example is the Berber. This rug has uncut loops that form a tight overall texture, i.e., low pile. Being a low pile, it's easy to clean and a superior choice for high traffic floors. You'll often see this style in commercial spaces.
  • Cut and loop. As it sounds, some yarns are cut, either at the same height or in variations, and others are looped. When the cut yarns vary in height, they create and embed patterns, such as geometrics. Highly durable, this is appropriate for installation in any room, whether the foot traffic is low or high. It has a soft texture that maintains its shape well.
  • Saxony rugs are really what most people think of when they hear the word "carpet." The Saxony is also a cut loop, but the cuts are longer, making the rug soft and plush. These rugs are a little more formal, and it's recommended to use them in low-traffic areas. The Saxony fibers are all the same height, going in the same direction to show vacuum marks and footprints.
  • Frieze. This is fun and casual, perfect for carpet floors in high traffic areas like family rooms. It's similar to Saxony in that it's a longer cut loop pile, but that's where the similarity ends. The yarns are tightly twisted, so they curl, and the piles fall in various directions, creating sort of a "messy" look.

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Always determine your needs

Selecting the right carpet will positively impact both appearance and performance. Some questions you need to ask yourself will help identify your basic needs, such as where it will be installed, whether you have a large family with kids and pets, budget, and if you have a particular look and color in mind.

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